There are many reasons why bird control is important no matter what your building type or specific circumstance may be. Some reasons for bird control are much more serious than others, but all pest bird control situations are important to solve, and solve correctly. 


Reasons for bird control include but are not limited to: 

  • Health Risks
  • Health Code Violations
  • Inventory Damage
  • Property Damage
  • Equipment Damage
  • Devalued Property
  • Poor Property Image
  • Clogged Drains and Gutters
  • Work Stoppages
  • Slip Risks
  • Cost and Time of Cleanup

Health Risks 


From ventilation systems to loading dock areas and anywhere in between, the presence of birds can and will cause health risks. The challenge is birds, their droppings, as well their nesting materials can be filled with bacteria, viruses, fungi and other things that cause diseases. Fecal spores can become airborne and travel very quickly into areas like ventilation systems, food processing centers through the loading dock doors, and into restaurants as well. There are over 60 diseases and ectoparasites that can be passed from birds, their feces, and their nests to humans. Health risks and concerns are a major reason why pest bird control should be taken seriously and handled by experts that know how to eliminate the problem. A.J. Bird Control has worked with many food processing plants and restaurants where these health risks are vitally important. Pest bird control is vitally important for these specific types of businesses and manufacturing facilities because if the problem isn’t dealt with professionally, it can lead to health code violations. 



Health Code Violations


Issues with USDA and FDA are never enjoyable for a business. Just the presence of a bird or birds can lead to health code violations. Health code violations typically have a specific time frame in which they need to be resolved before a business or processing plant is shut down. A.J. Bird Control has worked under these types of conditions many times and can quickly resolve the pest bird problem so any health code violation either doesn’t happen or is dealt with and fixed quickly so a shutdown doesn’t happen. 



 Inventory Damage


Big box stores, which falls under our commercial services area, are greatly affected by pest birds. Pest birds, especially sparrows, starlings, pigeons and such can get into grocery stores, home improvement stores, pet stores and other similar big box commercial buildings. They can cause damage to inventory which leads to losses in revenue and profit for a business. Fecal droppings on packaging are also a health risk. Bird droppings on products affects the customer experience and damages not only the property but the image of a business. Bird droppings can also negatively affect production lines through contamination. When birds nest, loaf, roost or perch on rafters in warehouses and storage facilities, droppings will inevitably follow. When droppings are present, depending on the type of industry or business, they can lead to health code violations and not just inventory damage. 



Property and Equipment Damage 


Property damage extends past inventory damage. Because bird droppings are highly acidic, they can stain and corrode building materials. Pest bird droppings can also damage and stain fabrics. Equipment can also be damaged due to the presence of pest birds. Machinery can become inoperable, equipment can require regular cleaning, ventilation systems can become clogged, etcetera. Property and equipment damage can become very costly for any business if a pest bird problem isn't dealt with, and dealt with properly.



Work Stoppages


If equipment in a manufacturing facility or other building where machinery is present with pest birds has to be shut down for cleaning, work stoppages can be costly. Work stoppages can also result from employee sickness due to pest bird health risks. Bird  droppings can cause a number of health issues and can weaken employees' immune systems. If employees become sick due to working conditions, especially pest bird problems, the business may be held liable. 



Slip Risks


Slip risks due to the presence of large quantities of bird droppings are very real and should be taken seriously. This is another area where a business may be liable for any injuries to employees or customers due to the slip-and-fall risks associated with pest bird droppings. People have been awarded millions of dollars from slips and falls due to pest bird droppings.



Devalued Property 


The presence of birds, especially nesting and roosting birds, can greatly devalue property. Not only can their acidic droppings cause expensive damage but their presence can be very unattractive and deter people from doing business with a specific business or moving into a specific multi-unit residential building. This can result in lost revenue for a business whether it is a restaurant, commercial building or residential building. Neighbors can also complain about the presence of pest birds on your property which could also lead to health code violations in certain circumstances. 



Poor Image


The presence of birds, their nests, and their feces can and does lead to a poor image. Birds in and on signs, nesting on or in buildings, sidewalks covered in droppings, and the like portray a negative image to visitors, residents, and business patrons. A.J. Bird Control understands the importance of image and always takes that into consideration when providing pest bird control and exclusion. We never use, for example, bird spikes on a sign. They may be effective, but they will not be very visually pleasing and could lead to a poor company image. That's why we always select the proper products and equipment for each individual situation and job. 



Clogged Drains and Gutters


Damage and flooding can result in pest birds being present in drains and gutters. Pest bird nests can and do clog drains and drainage systems. This results in excess water which can cause major problems on roofs and other building structural areas. Clogging due to pest bird droppings and nests can cause a lot of damage. This damage caused by pest birds can become very costly. That’s why professional pest bird exclusion is very important. 



Cost and Time of Cleanup 


Cleaning up after birds, their food waste, and more specifically their droppings and feces can become very costly. There, of course, is the financial cost to regular cleaning which can waste a lot of money, especially if the cleaning becomes a daily or weekly need. There is also the cost in labor for employees or other hired services to come in and fulfill the cleanup work required. This also potentially exposes employees to health risks. There are specific guidelines and procedures to follow when removing pest bird waste. If those procedures are not followed properly, the fecal matter can become airborne and cause health risks which can lead to all sorts of issues. 


Now you can see the importance of bird control. There are a lot of factors that go into why it's needed and important. But overall health, safety, and limiting liability and damages are very real and serious reasons to view bird control as a priority.  


We know why pest bird control is important. It is crucial to take action.  A.J. Bird Control is ready to help you and your business or home eliminate your pest bird problem. 


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