From loading docks to electrical conduit, roofs to gutters, sills to signs, pipes to parapets to bridges and reclamation areas, A.J. Bird Control provides top quality pest bird control solutions for all of these areas of need. We have vast experience in providing bird exclusion for a number of different industry needs.

Food Processing Facilities

Bird Control and Exclusion

Loading docks are usually places where birds can congregate and become a problem. Their droppings can then get transferred into the processing plant which can lead to contamination of food. Airborne fecal matter can spread diseases not only to employees but also to customers if the food being processed becomes contaminated.

It is critically important to have bird exclusion solutions in place to prevent health risks, health code violations, slips and falls due to droppings, and property or inventory damage.

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Retail / Commercial

Bird Control and Exclusion


We've worked with many restaurants, big box stores, grocery stores, pet stores, home improvement stores and many other retail and commercial building customers. Bird control is important for these types of businesses because an extensive bird problem can cause multiple issues and of course affects the business's image to its patrons.

Loading docks, signs, birds inside the store, birds nesting in eaves and on roofs are just some of the problem areas these buildings face. We focus on exclusion as well as taking access and aesthetics into consideration. We know that we can solve just about any problem for businesses that have a commercial or retail pest bird problem.

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Government and Municipalities

Bird Control and Exclusion

We provide quality bird control and bird exclusion at all of these government levels:

  • municipal
  • city
  • county
  • state
  • federal

We have worked with government facilities to exclude and remove their pest bird problems including:

  • post offices
  • park districts
  • public works
  • forest preserve districts
  • and more
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Bird Control and Exclusion

Industrial bird control and exclusion is another area we service and provide top quality solutions for their bird problems. Whether it be loading docks, bridges, factories, manufacturing plants, railroads, you name it we can fix their bird issues.

In industrial situations health risks, property damage, equipment damage, and work stoppages can be avoided with proper and professional bird exclusion techniques. We provide the best solution to the problem at hand.

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Multi-Unit Residential

Bird Control and Exclusion

Birds are not only a nuisance but can also cause costly damage to multi-unit residential buildings. Pigeons and other pest birds can nest on roofs, in ventilation systems, clog gutters and drainage with their nests and fecal matter, and cause damage with their droppings. Because of the acidity of bird droppings, they can ruin paint of residences, vehicles, and can also stain concrete and other building materials.

Eliminating birds from condos and apartment buildings can be a challenge especially when the right equipment is needed to install solutions like bird netting. Our bird control services include acquiring all necessary permits when we bring in machinery and lifts. This equipment allows us to work safely and securely, plus we are able to reach difficult areas to install the proper products to solve the bird problem correctly.

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Residential/Single Family Home

Bird Control and Exclusion

Having a problem with a bird or birds? We can safely and humanely remove bird nests from your property. After a bird nest or nests are removed, we always make sure we thoroughly disinfect the area to eliminate any possible contamination  that can be transmitted to the homeowner from the presence of the pest bird.

Diseases can be spread to humans through the nest, the fecal matter accompanying the presence of the bird or birds, and the parasites that are associated with birds and their nests. Bed bugs, ticks, and bird mites may be present as a result of the pest bird. We take great care in properly treating the property and removing the problem.


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