A.J. Bird Control was started as a result of a need seen by owner and founder Larry Lisit. Larry worked in the pest control industry for many years and spent most of his time during his career as a manager for a nationally known pest control company. Larry early on learned bird control and bird exclusion and was often the one tasked to accomplish bird control jobs. He found he had quite the knack and acumen for bird control work. His combination of industry knowledge, product experience, and critical thinking quickly made him an undeniable master at bird work. During his early career he experienced bird jobs done wrong and quickly acclimated to solving bird pest issues the right way.  After years of fixing other peoples messes when it came to bird work, Larry realized there was a need in the marketplace for a company that exclusively focused on bird control and bird exclusion. That's why Larry started A.J. Bird Control. He brought his decades of unique and specific experience, as well as his management expertise, into his company A.J. Bird Control.



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A.J. Bird Control has completed over 300 bird exclusion and bird control jobs. This has resulted in the exclusion of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of birds, in a safe and humane way. With decades of management experience, Larry knows what it takes to provide quality customer service and effective work.

Larry is proud to be able to bring his clients an exclusive bird control and bird exclusion service. A.J. Bird Control is unique in the Chicagoland and Midwest region because of its exclusive focus on pest birds. Where other companies focus on servicing all pest control problems like rats, roaches and other insects, A.J. Bird Control brings you the best in bird control service and experience because that's all they do.

A.J. Bird Control customers appreciate our focus on getting the job done correctly and effectively the first time. We don't cut corners on any of our jobs, but strive for perfection in all our work. If you've experienced the hassle of trying to get a company to call you back or come out in a timely manner to take a look at a job, rest assured you won't experience that with us. We are prompt in responding to inquiries and our turnaround time for scheduling an inspection is something we know you will appreciate. We strive to be friendly, courteous, professional, informative, and personable with everyone we encounter.

A.J. Bird Control is the exclusive bird control expert. Small or large jobs, we are fully capable of handling them all. We've done jobs from $500 to over $100,000. We are confident we can serve your bird control needs.


A.J.Bird Control is a Bird B Gone Authorized Installer

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