With 25 years of experience, we've pretty much seen it all.  We have more expertise in this area because bird control and bird exclusion is all we do. The job will dictate the type of bird control equipment we utilize.

There are a few things we do when we approach a bird problem:


  1. Identify the problem
  2. Investigate the bird activity
  3. Determine the best solution

Step 1: Identify the problem

Why is someone calling? What customer type are they? Is it a residential problem, a multi-unit residential building that’s having an issue? Is it a commercial building that has birds nesting, or a food processing plant that has fecal matter issues? Is it a restaurant that has a bird in the ventilation and are potentially going to get shut down if the matter isn’t resolved quickly? Is it a government facility that has birds nesting and loafing? Why is someone calling me and why is it an issue now? This is where we start.

Step 2: Investigate the bird activity

Once we know what the problem is, and what bird or birds are causing the problem, we need to investigate what’s going on. This also helps determine the correct equipment or product(s) to use to help solve the problem. We try to determine how long they've been there. Are they nesting. Are they loafing. or is it just an occasional bird? Are they feeding there etcetera. The investigation part of our approach is critical so we can observe and determine the best course of action for that specific and particular job.


Is it one bird or multiple birds?


How are they getting into where they are at? 


I beams in a building where birds were loafing and nesting, bird netting used to keep them from landing on these beams.

We take special care in fully investigating the problem instead of just quickly going to a solution. If we had a problem with a nest but jump to the conclusion to just put spike strips in that area, the birds might just move to a different area and nest there. We may need to determine how to keep them out of an entire region of a building or structure to ensure they don’t just move to a different part of that building or structure.

Take a loading dock for example, we need to investigate what is going on. Are the birds just loafing there, are they feeding there, or are they actually nesting there? in a large area like a loading dock there may be multiple products and equipment we need to work together to solve the problem and exclude the birds from that area. that is why the investigation step in our 4 step approach is so important. And then the critical thinking comes into play and we move onto our final step in our bird control approach. 

Step 3: Determine the best solution for the problem

Exclusion is always the goal. Exclusion means keeping the bird or birds from being able to land on specific components of a building or structure.  Examples of structures where bird control can be needed would include: I beams, pipes, electrical conduit, lighting fixtures, gutters and downspouts, parapets, roofs, signs, light and lamp posts, skylights etc. Exclusion by use of bird netting is one of the most common ways to solve the best bird problem.

It's important to determine the right strategy for each individual bird control situation. If someone wants us to execute an approach that we know won't work, we won’t do it. We are only going to work on projects using the right products that we know will solve the problem and eliminate the issues. We take this approach because we want to make sure the job is done right and executed correctly the first time.

We need to determine what type of bird or birds are causing the problem so we can provide the proper solution, that's why step 2 of our approach is important. Here are some of the rules of thumb when addressing specific bird types. The list below shows they type of bird and the typical exclusion or bird control method used. 


Bird Control by the Bird

Bird control and exclusion for swallows is almost always going to be netting. 


Sparrow bird control and exclusion requires netting or shock strips or a combination of the two. 


For pigeon bird control and exclusion we typically use netting, spring wire, shock strips, or spikes. Any combination of these bird control products may be used to control pigeons in an area depending on the circumstances and structures affected. 


For seagulls the best bird control and exclusion products are typically, gull wire, spikes, or shock strips.


Bird control and exclusion for starlings is going to, in most cases, be netting. 


With woodpecker bird control we typically focus on netting but can also use a repellent to assist in the exclusion of a woodpecker or woodpeckers from a specific area. 

flying swallows in a nest on a roof

One of the best bird control and bird exclusion solutions is bird netting. As seen above bird netting is the go to choice for most bird problems no matter the type of bird.  With that being said we also must always consider the aesthetics when taking on a bird control job. We want the end result to not only exclude and control bird activity but to also look good for our customers. 


Effective, efficient, and visually appealing are three of the elements we strive for on every bird control problem we are called in to solve. 


After we’ve determined the best solution we provide an estimate to accomplish the job. Whether you are looking for in depth technical data or are just more concerned with the cost we cater our estimates to any specific clients needs. We’ve worked with city and government agencies as well as manufacturing plants who may need specifics for the job. We can and do provide those answers. We can provide drawings, technical data, information on grade of material for fireproof and other code requirements. We’ve done plenty of jobs where those elements are required and we are suited to fulfill those needs. We also know that homeowners, and property managers for multi-unit apartment and condo complexes are focused more on the bottom line and don’t need as detailed of an estimate. We are suited to fit these needs as well. At the end of the day no matter the situation or client type everyone wants the same thing. The bird problem fixed and fixed professionally and in a timely manner. 


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